We Deliver Well-Engineered Software For Business Needs
Cloud, Mobile, DevOps, Automation, Data Intelligence and AI
We design and build custom software, delivering well-engineered solutions. We start going from the business needs and understand exact "value" we bring to the client on each step

Binwell is a company about engineering and leading technologies as well as it's keeping a focus on talent quality and strong management

Our Services
Application Development
We design and build custom applications by using Microsoft .NET technology stack and DevOps
Cloud Transformation
We help businesses go cloud and migrate applications and data to the cloud as well, as develop custom software for public, hybrid and private clouds
Mobile Enterprise
We build enterprise level mobile software for iOS, Android and Windows UWP, using mobile DevOps and cloud test automation
Data Intelligence
We make the data work for your business, build data warehouse, make data governance, data visualization and prediction analysis
AI Development
We help to use the all the benefits of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive services in real business scenarios
We provide IT-consulting: architectures, engineering, development processes, code quality and DevOps
Technologies we use
We use only proven and market leading technologies on top of trends
Partners and Awards
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
Visual Studio and Development technologies (Mobile Development & DevOps)
Mobile Application Developer
Binwell has become a winner of The Microsoft Partner Awards 2017 in the nomination Mobile Application Developer

Featured Clients
Our services are valued and recognized at any scale from Startups to Enterprises
Engineering Expertise
Talent quality and engineering excellence is a core of our business
Requirement Engineering
Dedicated analysts will help us better understand your business needs
Architecture and Software Design
Professional architects will bring your ideas to life
Strong Developement
Certification of engineers and regular code reviews is a part for the company process to build strong development expertise
We use CI/CD pipelines and automated testing. Business love the benefits of DevOps and Agile
Quality Assurance
Automation and manual testing will guarantee the enterprise-level quality of software products
We make applications with long life cycle and provide all necessary support for operations
UX and UI design
Our designers will make your application looks stunning as well as get perfect user experience
Data Analysis
Data Scientists and ETL/ELT engineers will make your data work for you. Prediction analysis, insights and many more
Agile-Friendly Environment
Agile teams offers a completely different approach to managing the complexity of software development

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